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How Did We Do?

At Anderson Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we are committed to providing our community with the highest quality care. We believe in a multi-pronged approach to health and wellness, and we look forward to partnering with you in your health care.

We seek to create an atmosphere that is welcoming and friendly, while maintaining the highest professional standards. When you walk into Anderson Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we want you to feel at home.

Helping people achieve their health care goals is a passion of ours. Chiropractic can help people of all ages and backgrounds.

What Our Patients Say

What brought me back was knowing and believing in the holistic help a chiropractor can give you. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves; and with the right support and those who think like a chiropractor, this can be achieved. With the constant sitting at the computer, looking down and the daily tasks of lifting things; I knew it was time to go back. My experience has been very positive. So far, I have noticed that I have fewer migraines and my cycle has improved dramatically. I have only had adjustments in the past, but their approach to adjustments and exercise at each visit definitely gets me back on track physically. I also feel the need to think about my daily life, how I move and how what I do affects how I feel.

Whenever someone talks about back or neck pain, I always say you should see a chiropractor. I talk about my current experience and how it helps me. I plan to make it a regular thing in my life. The doctor carefully reviewed my findings and helped me understand the diagnosis of my problem areas and the treatments that would help improve them. Over the course of three months, I had aggressive body shaping, posture pumping, physical therapy and deep muscle massage. After a few weeks, I began to notice a difference. About halfway through the treatment process, I was impressed with the range of motion of my neck without pain. I couldn't believe it! Deep tissue massage also made a big difference. David and I were able to work on certain areas of my body and relieve tension that had been held in it for a long time (probably for years). My more tense areas relaxed, which helped the rest of my body to hold less tension. I noticed less headaches and more excitement and flexibility when doing stretches (this is also due to physical therapy and adjustments). By the end, I felt and saw significant improvement in my neck, hips and spine. I no longer felt limited in the activities I enjoy.